Less Hype. More Utility.

We created this project to bring together like-minded people in the NFT community who want REAL utility, adventure, and kick @$$ art. We hand-selected all 3,933 variations so that everyone who joins our community will have an NFT they can be proud of. This brings us to you, intrepid explorer.  You’ve heard the stories and now arrive on the shores of Cryptid Island to find out for yourself.  Will you brave the dangers, of both man and myth, to uncover the wealth and knowledge hidden within our world?  Will you form alliances with your fellow explorers, or see them as just one more obstacle to be defeated?  Will you return home, rich beyond your wildest dreams...or become just one more rumor, and fade into the silent mists. The Choice is in yours..

Explore Without Limits

Far beyond the familiar shores of civilization, there exists an island shrouded in both veils of mist and mystery. A land of legend and lore, where secrets from long-forgotten stories lay sleeping. Where the treasures from beyond history are kept safe by creatures from beyond reality. Introducing Cryptid Clan, a collection of 3,933 Hand-Drawn, Bigfoot NFT's. These NFT's will be your portal into new adventures throughout the metaverse and the real world. Enjoy access to a robust metaverse built on NFTWorlds, backed by a self-sustaining economy P2E games, land plots, and retail opportunities in the Metaverse.  These NFT's will also give you exclusive travel perks to our Cryptid Camps placed in exotic locations IRL around the globe. Adventure awaits..

Zach Carrington

An early crypto adopter and avid NFT collector, Zach has spent the last decade building businesses. He's taken several businesses to six figure revenue levels and has managed over a million dollars in ongoing ad spend. He can't wait to get his hands on the web3 space and serve an underdeveloped space while fostering one of the top communities in the industry

Caleb Smith

Introduced to Crypto back in 2010, Caleb has not been able to stay focused on anything outside of the space since. Along with working in tech for the past 5 years, Caleb has been heavily involved in the NFT Space ever since he was introduced to crypto kitties back in 2018. He is extremely excited to build something special in the space that has the longevity to be around for the next decade.

Cody Dickinson

Along with obtaining his pilot license in 2017, Cody has built and grown a 7-figure business from the ground up. He can't wait to transfer his time and energy into building long-term utility and sustainable growth for our NFT holders. Cody will be our boots on the ground as we purchase our real-estate plots and start our cryptid camp development.                          

Michael Braudis

Fascinated with art and design ever since he was a child, Michael is so excited for you to see what he has created for the Cryptid Clan community. All art and variations were hand-drawn and hand-picked by the Architect.  He can't wait to take his natural talent to the NFT space.                                                     


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NFT Mint

Big brain rollouts are coming within the first couple of months of 2022. We will be minting our Cryptid Clan NFT's, kicking off development of our Metaverse World, releasing staking information, and dropping some key partnerships along the way.

Metaverse Opens

We will be releasing a full playable metaverse world and introducing key P2E mechanics. In addition, we are going to release our staking protocol giving all NFT holders a daily reward for simply keeping their NFT off of the market.​ Early holders will also receive exclusive rights to launch & run their business out of our metaverse propelling the value of our entire community. Watch out for WL spots.

P2E Gameplay

Next on the agenda is to release engaging gameplay and a self-sustaining metaverse economy. The economy will revolve around P2E gaming and in-world commerce creating endless opportunities for everyone involved. NFT holders will have special metaverse real-estate, P2E incentives, and much more. Check out our whitepaper for more information on the economy of scale.​

Real World Development

Along with Metaverse development, we will be putting a large emphasis on real-world property development. We plan to have land purchased, and development started on our Cryptid Camp lodging by the middle of Q2 2022 (HINT: Earth porn). The lodging will include multiple villas, fully furnished offices, a pool, and much more.

Real World Continues

Our first target is to open the Cryptid Camp lodging to NFT holders a sometime after our mint reaches 100% sold. These villas will be fully furnished with everything you need whether you are traveling to work, or play. We can't wait to see you there!  Consider this a new lifestyle launchpad. 

Roadmap 2.0

We will be letting the Cryptid Clan community vote and decide where we should open our next Cryptid Camp destinations. As soon as we finish the development of the first Cryptid Camp, we are going to be starting the process of acquiring our 2nd and 3rd locations. We will also release our 5 year roadmap to give the community extreme clarity on what the future holds as a member of our community. 


Metaverse Development

Cryptid Clan will be your ticket into our carefully designed, highly robust P2E gaming environment and economy. Our Metaverse and P2E gameplay is currently under development within NFTWorlds, which will allow holders to earn $$ by playing in our ecosystem. We have so many exciting ways that will bring you into action and give you a chance to earn crypto by merely playing our games and submerging yourself into our commerce-centered economy. Along with P2E gameplay, we are going to be building out a full self-functioning economy with shops, vendors, staking, lending and much much more. Read more about our Metaverse plans in our Litepaper doc.

Real World Development

Ready to explore? Along with our Metaverse development, we will be using a significant portion of all NFT sales to purchase a land plot in an undisclosed travel destination. NFT holders will be granted special access to free trips, discounted stays, and annual events held at our Cryptid Camps. We already have land picked out and developers on standby. Within the next 3 years, we aim to have several locations throughout the world that NFT holders can utilize. Again, this is real life... Don't worry, our metaverse utility will be just as good! 

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