Less Hype. More Utility.

We created this project to bring together like-minded people in the NFT community who want REAL utility, adventure, and kick @$$ art. We hand-selected all 3,933 variations so that everyone who joins our community will have an NFT they can be proud of. This brings us to you, intrepid explorer.  You’ve heard the stories and now arrive on the shores of Cryptid Island to find out for yourself.  Will you brave the dangers, of both man and myth, to uncover the wealth and knowledge hidden within our world?  Will you form alliances with your fellow explorers, or see them as just one more obstacle to be defeated?  Will you return home, rich beyond your wildest dreams...or become just one more rumor, and fade into the silent mists. The Choice is in yours..

Zach Carrington

An early crypto adopter and avid NFT collector, Zach has spent the last decade building businesses. He's taken several businesses to six figure revenue levels and has managed over a million dollars in ongoing ad spend. He can't wait to get his hands on the web3 space and serve an underdeveloped space while fostering one of the top communities in the industry

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Caleb Smith

Introduced to Crypto back in 2010, Caleb has not been able to stay focused on anything outside of the space since. Along with working in tech for the past 5 years, Caleb has been heavily involved in the NFT Space ever since he was introduced to crypto kitties back in 2018. He is extremely excited to build something special in the space that has the longevity to be around for the next decade.

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Cody Dickinson

Along with obtaining his pilot license in 2017, Cody has built and grown a 7-figure business from the ground up. He can't wait to transfer his time and energy into building long-term utility and sustainable growth for our NFT holders. Cody will be our boots on the ground as we purchase our real-estate plots and start our cryptid camp development.                          

    Michael Braudis

    Fascinated with art and design ever since he was a child, Michael is so excited for you to see what he has created for the Cryptid Clan community. All art and variations were hand-drawn and hand-picked by the Architect.  He can't wait to take his natural talent to the NFT space.                                                     


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